Pantothenic Acid Market Trends and Segments 2019-2028

Pantothenic acid is one of the different types of widely consumed and used vitamin. Pantothenic acid is also called vitamin B5. It is a water-soluble vitamin. The pantothenic acid is largely used to cure diseases such as asthma, problems related to digestion, allergies and infections such as yeast infection, problems related to heart and many other. The importance of pantothenic acid is it activates the metabolism in the body and breaks down the proteins, carbohydrates and fats to produce energy in the body. The deficiency of pantothenic acid can cause various problems such as fatigue, depression, and infections related to the respiratory tract. Manufacturers of pantothenic acid have huge opportunities in the market with growing demand from the consumers’ side. Due to this, a large number of market players are entering into the pantothenic acid market. The new and existing market players are experiencing huge competition at the local and the global level. Players are entering the market with penetrating market prices. The regions which are leading the global pantothenic acid market at large include North America, Central and Latin America, Europe and some parts of Asia. Some of the leading players in the global pantothenic market are Koninklijke DSM N.V., BASF SE, Watson Inc., Merck KGaA, NOW Health Group Inc., Chem-Bridge Co., Ltd., and Foodchem International Corporation. 

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The main factor that is driving the global pantothenic acid market is the overall health benefits that the acid provides to the human body. Consumption of pantothenic acid is useful in order to enhance the overall growth of the human body and also to minimize the risk of health issues and other diseases that can occur due to deficiency of the same. The varied use and applications of the pantothenic acid in the infant nutrition, animal feed and nutritional products, pharmaceuticals industry, and food and beverages industry are driving the growth of the market. The rapid increase in the food processing industry across the globe is supporting the growth of the pantothenic acid market. The main restraint in the pantothenic acid market is the availability of substitutes. Moreover, the consumers’ shift of preference from synthetic to organic and natural food is hindering the overall growth of the market. 

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Some of the major players in the pantothenic acid market are Nutrina Co., Inc., Zhengzhou Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd., Watson Inc., (leader in quality products and ingredients in food n supplements industry), Cayman Chemical, CHEM-BRIDGE Co., Ltd., Foodchem International Corporation, Koninklijke DSM N.V., RxList Inc., NOW Health Group, Inc., BASF SE, AccuStandard Inc., Merck KGaA, Global Pantothenic Acid Industry, Toronto Research Chemicals, AcerChem International Inc., Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and many other local players of the respective country. Some of the distributors in the pantothenic acid market include Standard Vitamins Distribution Company and Nutrina Co., Inc. 

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The manufacturers in the pantothenic acid market have numerous opportunities across the globe as a consequence of increased health problems and allergies due to vitamin b5 deficiency. The manufacturers have great opportunities to grow in the market as there is seen a decline in the overall consumption of the vitamin through the day to day food sources. The producers have huge opportunities in the fast-paced and developed countries such as the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and others as a consequence of decreased consumption of the vitamins. There is a noteworthy rise in the health and diet conscious people across the world which renders great opportunities to the market players in the pantothenic acid market.

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