Research report covers the Magnesium Citrate Market Forecasts and Growth, 2019-2028

Magnesium citrate is an important magnesium supplement which is a salt preparation of magnesium with citric acid. It is widely used in dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and food and beverages. In the food industry, magnesium citrate is growing in demand as a food additive in processed food and ready to drink beverages. Magnesium citrate is easily absorbed by the body when compared to other forms of magnesium. It is widely being used as a saline laxative in pharmaceuticals. Its demand as a laxative is rising as it helps in treating constipation, especially when dietary and behavioral changes have not been effective. After the consumption of magnesium citrate, it starts dissolving in the stomach and causes osmotic pressure. The change in osmotic pressure increases the inflow of water in intestinal walls which is absorbed by the stools, making it easier to pass and is eliminated. The higher doses of magnesium citrate are only used for medical reasons such as colonoscopy and are performed under proper guidance. With growing awareness about health concerns among consumers, the importance of magnesium in the diet is also raising. Magnesium citrate as a supplement is required in small amount in areas of bone health, digestive health, heart health, the realm of cognition and also improves mood. Magnesium citrate is anticipated to amass a lucrative valuation over the forecast period.

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In a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, researchers noted that oral consumption of magnesium citrate is more effective at cleaning the colon and help facilitate a better colonoscopy. Research evidence also suggests that magnesium citrate is a viable option to augment magnesium levels when compared to other magnesium supplements as it is more soluble and bioavailable. Other than improving the bowel movements the magnesium citrate as a supplement is also useful for heart health, bone density, muscle control, blood pressure management, blood sugar regulation and others. Magnesium is an electrolyte and can improve the ability of the heart to pump blood, improving the brain function. A magnesium supplement is useful in arrhythmia or an abnormal heartbeat. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Magnesium helps in lowering and maintaining the blood pressure as it dilates the arteries. Magnesium works with calcium to maintain bone health, as its deficiency increases the risk of developing osteoporosis. Without magnesium, the muscles will always stay in a state of contraction which will be painful and hamper the proper functioning and movement of muscles. Deficiency of magnesium will cause cramps, prolonged muscle soreness and muscle spasms. According to the World Journal of Diabetics, magnesium is beneficial for the people suffering from type 2 diabetes as it plays an important role in helping control your blood sugar levels.

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The key players operating in Magnesium Citrate market are Jungbunzlauer Suisse AG, Lianyungang Hengsheng Fine Chemical Ltd., Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG, Nature Made (Pharmavite LLC.), NOW Health Group Inc., Solgar Inc., Spring Valley, Source Naturals Inc., Bronson Laboratories, The Kroger Co.,  Walgreen Co. and Life Extension Europe B.V.

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The minerals are required to be consumed in relatively large amounts per day, which is usually not obtained from daily diet and therefore the need for supplements rise. An adequate amount of magnesium is needed to prevent problems with bones, muscle, cardiovascular and other functions. With proper educational advertising and marketing, the manufacturers of magnesium citrate are expected to make big profits. The manufacturers of magnesium citrate are expected to develop more products of magnesium with various other minerals, vitamins and premix. Magnesium supplements are required for all age groups and therefore the manufacturers can focus on attracting all age group consumers.

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