Auto fusing machine market To Undertake Strapping Growth During 2019-2027

Auto Fusing Machine Market Introduction

An auto fusing machine is mainly used in the garment manufacturing industry. The machine consists of the feed sheet carrying the components in the fusing chamber which keeps on revolving. This allows the components to get transferred to another revolving flat sheet. The temperature is maintained by the fusion chamber. The mechanism works by allowing components to pass through a pair of pressure rollers and maintaining the fusion pressure by the speed of the revolving sheet.

The transfer of fused components is made to the revolving delivery sheet. This facilitates good quality and high production rate. Industrial fusing machines have a silicon rubber bed and coating which enhances the operation and results in better output.

The auto fusion machine is also known as continuous fusion machine. A switch controls the heating chamber. Roller pressure is produced by spring or pneumatic power which helps to increase or decrease the required heat. The auto fusion machine works by placing interlining between two layers of fabric.

The next step involves applying direct or indirect heat. The fusion time is controlled by manipulating the speed of the feed sheet. The fabric is then ready to come out from the machine. The main advantage of an auto fusing machine is that it provides good quality fusion without the risk of shrinking the fabric. The design of the machine ensures that its efficiency and performance level is very high. The exterior of the auto fusing machine is sturdy to resist corrosion and climatic factors such as rusting.

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Auto Fusing Machine Market- Competitive Landscape


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Auto fusing machine market Dynamics

Increase in demand for fabric manufacturing equipment is expected to lead to the demand for auto fusing machines, thereby boosting the expansion of the market. The various features of auto fusing machines such as robustness and ease of operation drives the growth of the auto fusing machine market across the world. Few auto fusing machines have an air cooling system so that the product can be cooled rapidly.

The auto fusing machine is majorly used for fusing the whole roll of interline and fabric. Technological innovations involving leaving no gaps between heating elements and thus enabling cooling down of the glue in the heating area and avoiding negative influences on grip and adhesion. The auto fusing machine requires variety of fused part with different bond strength which adds to the overall costing of the machine. This factor can act as a restraint to the market.

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