Automotive Exit Warning System Market Share Set for Broad Growth by 2019-2027

Automotive Exit Warning System Market Introduction

The automotive exit warning system is a type of active safety system that uses radar to warn the driver if any vehicle is approaching from the rear. Subsequently, the system disables the attempt to open the door of vehicle and the door remains locked till the approaching vehicle has passed. The system issues acoustic and visual warning to the passenger once the vehicle has stopped. The exit warning system remains activated for about 3 to 5 minutes after the vehicle has been turned off.

The automotive exit warning system is an advanced feature and is only provided in premium class vehicles; however, rising concerns about safety in society has encouraged vehicle manufacturers to integrate the feature in other vehicle segments. Integration of the system in most vehicles is anticipated to enhance road safety.

Automotive Exit Warning System Market – Competitive Landscape

Key manufacturers of RADAR and exit warning system include Robert Bosch GmbH, smartmicro, HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, Aptive and Continental AG. These players are investing in the development of ADAS and active safety features in order to integrate safety features in their vehicles.

HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, a leading company that engages in the development and manufacturing of advanced safety features, announced the development of its 4th generation RADAR system, which is available in 25 GHz technology. Moreover, the company is heading for the development of 77 GHz technology. The RADAR system is 25% lighter than the existing 3rd generation RADAR system.

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High demand for active safety features among society

Rising demand for advance safety features in vehicles has propelled the market for the ADAS based safety systems in vehicles. According to the World Bank, traffic fatalities have been the major cause of death of the young generation, ages between 6 years to 29 years. Moreover, high competition among automakers to provide safety feature-loaded vehicles is driving the automotive exit warning system market.

Increasing production of passenger vehicles in most regions coupled with rising penetration of the technology is likely to boost the automotive exit warning system market. Development of smart cities contains a vital element of smart mobility. Smart mobility focuses on the development of connected and safe transition mode, thus integration of ADAS based safety features is likely to expand at a remarkable pace.

High initial cost and low awareness in developing nations for automotive exit warning system

Integration of these safety features in vehicles make them highly attractive for customers; however, integration of such features increases the cost of these vehicles significantly. Low effectiveness of features, as compared to the cost of the vehicle, is anticipated to hamper the automotive exit warning system market. Low awareness in developing nations about latest technologies and their applications is likely to hinder the demand for this technology.

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Automotive Exit Warning System Market Segmentation

Based on technology, the automotive exit warning system market can be segmented into

  • LiDAR

Based on component, the automotive exit warning system market can be divided into

  • Sensor
  • ECU
  • Actuators

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