Nanoparticle Size Analysis Instruments Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR by 2025

Nanoparticles are particles between 1 and 100 nanometers (nm) in size, with a surrounding interfacial layer. There is need to accurately determine, characterize, and quantify the size of the nanoparticles in the suspension to achieve batch-to-batch uniformity and desired therapeutic effectiveness. Nanoparticle size analyzer is an instrument used for detection of diameter of nanoparticles. It has various applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Increase in the adoption of these instruments has been observed in last few decades owing to increase in research and development activities in nanoparticle based dosage form development and evolution of targeted drug delivery system. Various techniques are utilized to determine nanoparticle particle size. The selection of the method is dependent on type of sample to be analyzed, cost of the instrument, time required for the measurement, and the type of information generated by the instrument. The instrument can determine particle movement and calculate particle size by using Stokes Einstein relationship.

Increase in R&D expenditure, surge in demand for novel drug delivery systems across the world, and rise in per capita health care spending are the factors boosting the growth of the global Nanoparticle Size Analysis Instruments Market. Moreover, increase in prevalence of life threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and cardiac arrest is expected to fuel demand for nanoparticle drug delivery systems, thereby propelling the global market. However, high cost of development of nanoparticle dosage forms, lack of skilled labor, and affordability of the instrument are the factors restraining the global nanoparticle size measurement instruments market.

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The global nanoparticle size analysis instruments market can be segmented based on type of technique, end-user, and region. In terms of type of technique, the market can be categorized into X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), nanoparticle surface area monitor (NSAM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), condensation particle counter (CPC), differential mobility analyzer, scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS), nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA), aerosol time of flight mass spectroscopy, and aerosol particle mass analyzer (APM). Based on end-user, the global nanoparticle size measurement instruments market can be classified into pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, and contract research organizations (CROs).

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